Director, 180 Kids

Faith Manguba

Faith moved to Chicago from the Philippines at age five. She quickly gained resilience as she navigated through the challenges of learning the language and culture, making friends, and assimilating to her new environment.

Her grandmother came to visit a couple of years later and shared about the love of Jesus with her and the message of eternal life. Unbeknownst to Faith, this would affect her profoundly as evidenced in her high school, college, and adult years.

While in college, she felt led to go into education and, as a result, pursued a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the field. She has invested her adult life teaching children and helping parents. Her career started in the public-school classroom, then moved to the private sector. Most recently, she felt the need to answer the call to utilize her experience and serve as the 180 Kids Director.

As you get to know her, you will see that Faith devotes herself to her own children and enjoys spending time with them the most. She loves trying new restaurants with her husband and friends and looks forward to vacations with family.

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