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180 homes

Come alive as a disciple of Christ and experience abundant life.

What Are 180 Homes?

180Homes are expressions of 180 Chicago across Chicagoland that form, grow, and multiply.


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Albany Park

Moses & Marcia
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Bristol, WI

Shane & Julie
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Highland Park

Bob & Bev
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Humboldt Park

Angel & Celeste
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Mt. Greenwood

Annette, Jerry & Tet-Kin
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Skokie, IL

Ajit & Katie
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South Loop

Bruce & June
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West Loop

Jose & Shanda
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Why 180 Homes?

180Homes is the place to discover your purpose as a disciple of Christ and experience abundant life. God’s promises are of highest value and not to be missed - never settle for less! We want you to get a grip on your life, live boldly, and impact the world - you want that too.


Where are 180 Homes be located?
Is there a limit to how many people can attend a 180 Home?
When do 180 Homes meet?
Are 180 Homes multi-generational, or based on stages of life?
What's the format of a 180 Home?
Is 180 Homes a good place for children and teens?
Is this home-church model happening today? What are the results?

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