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Discover your purpose as a disciple of Christ and experience abundant life.


180Homes are expressions of 180 Chicago across Chicagoland that form, grow, and multiply.



Moses & Marcia


180Homes is the place to discover your purpose as a disciple of Christ and experience abundant life. God’s promises are of highest value and not to be missed - never settle for less! We want you to get a grip on your life, live boldly, and impact the world - you want that too. 



Where will 180Homes be located?

180Homes will be in neighborhoods all across the Chicagoland area.

Is there a limit on how many people can attend a 180Home?

The number of 180Home attendees will be determined on space and discipleship capacity.

When will 180Homes meet?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all 180Homes will meet online at 11-11:45 on Sunday mornings until it is safe to move towards in-person gatherings. In-person gatherings will be on Sunday mornings from 9:50-11:30. If a part or all of the 180Home decide to go a little longer or eat together, they are welcome.

Will 180Homes be multi-generational or based on stages of life?

We will have homes for members of every age and stage of life. A few may be stage of life specific.

What will be the format of a 180Home?

180Homes will engage together around the streaming worship and message of 180 Chicago Church. Discussion, practical application and internalization of truth through prayer will follow the streaming of the service.

When are 180Homes launching?

180Homes are already meeting every week. We'd love for you to join us!

Will 180Homes be a good place for children and teens?

180Homes will be an excellent place for children and teens to see the love and power of Christ lived out. Each 180Home will be trained and equipped to provide a safe, fun, and life-changing experience for all children and teens.

Is this model of home-church happening today, and what are the results?

There is great success and some failures in both the persecuted underground church and in free societies. Success hinges on leadership development.



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