Our Dream

Revolutionize Chicago,
Reach the world.

180 Chicago is a diverse group of people who dare to take God at His Word. We believe He can change anything in our life for the better. We are passionate for you to discover the truth that will set you free and to help you experience transformation in every area of your life.

Our Mission

To help people discover their purpose as disciples of Christ and experience abundant life.

Our Values

Dare to believe God for what your life can be.

Join God

Exercise spiritual disciplines as the means to grow in grace.

Kill Sin

Take decisive action to remove behaviors that are killing you.

Bring Allies

Get into rich relationships that will call each other forward.

Focus Energy

Identify your roles, gifts and passion, and aim your life.

Redeem Time

Get a grip on your hours in a day to glorify God and enjoy life.

Live Bold

Take risks and live to walk by faith into the future.

Our Identity


We are a transparent community, a place where people can be real with each other and with God.


We come to God not as those who have it all together, but as people who desperately need Him and see weakness as the prerequisite to strength.


We are a welcoming community, marked by warmth and genuine affection and committed to caring for each other.


We believe that God's word is the basis of truth, and we can experience freedom when our life is built on and shaped by Scripture.


We believe great men and women are born on their knees, and that intimacy and communion with God are essential for our spiritual lives.

Our Beliefs

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