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Our Dream

Revolutionize Chicago,
Reach the World.

Ready for an adventure? At 180 Chicago Church, we're a diverse group of people walking with Jesus on the greatest adventure on the planet: discipleship. Our passion is to see people come alive as disciples of Christ. That's because we believe God specializes in life transformation, especially the big, that's impossible, I've-given-up-on-that kind of stuff. So come join us on this adventure – we can't wait to meet you!

Our Mission

To help people come alive as disciples of Christ.

Our Culture Markers
Our Resolutions
Join God

You are partnering with God and experiencing His power.

Think Truth

Your mind is being renewed and freed from destructive thinking.

Kill Sin

You’re finally putting to death those sins that have been killing you.

Choose Friends

You have quality people around you who help you live the abundant life.

Take Risks

You now live in a way that puts your faith in motion and gives you energy.

Focus Effort

Your direction is clear because you’re focused on your passion and gifting.

Redeem Time

You’re making the best use of your time and impacting the world.

Our Identity


We are a transparent community, a place where people can be real with each other and with God.


We come to God not as those who have it all together, but as people who desperately need Him and see weakness as the prerequisite to strength.


We are a welcoming community, marked by warmth and genuine affection and committed to caring for each other.


We believe that God's word is the basis of truth, and we can experience freedom when our life is built on and shaped by Scripture.


We believe great men and women are born on their knees, and that intimacy and communion with God are essential for our spiritual lives.

Our Beliefs

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