Pastor, Worship & Media

Corey Pelley

Corey Pelley grew up in Newfoundland, an island province on the east coast of Canada. In 1996, he moved to the United States and attended Valor Christian College, where he studied worship ministry and served as a worship leader in the local youth ministry. During this season, the youth ministry experienced a revival where the attendance grew from 75 to nearly 1500 at its peak. Many youth worship leaders were discipled, and songs written and shared. 

After college, Corey spent a year in Halifax, Nova Scotia, leading worship in a church that experienced a revival in their weekend services and held several weekly services to accommodate the moving of the spirit in the hearts of those attending, for nearly a year. 

In 1999, Corey married his college sweetheart Kelly and settled in Rockford, IL, where he served as worship leader in a church for nearly 10 years. The church saw tremendous growth in the worship team spiritually and musically. Many are now serving and playing music all over the world. Corey served as worship leader in a second local congregation for nearly 10 years in Rockford, where the church experienced thousands of salvations and lives transformed through the weekend services and special community outreaches facilitated during that time. 

Corey enjoys discipling worship teams and teaching the biblical history of worship, while implementing practical and spiritual principles for leading worship. Corey has written over 100 worship songs and has shared many with the church. He is passionate about seeing worship teams create original worship songs that are biblically sound and musically awesome while growing in faith and relationship together.

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