September 11, 2019

3 Ways to Handle Tough Cultural Issues

Karl Clauson

Like never before we need to engage our culture in a compelling way and without compromise – full of love and truth. When Drew Brees (Quarterback for New Orleans Saints) did a short promotional spot for "Bring Your Bible To School Day" he was hit with accusations and so was Focus On The Family.

There are three ways to handle tough issues: 1. Ignore it and hope it goes away. But by not talking about tough topics, we show tacit approval or indifference to the needs of our world. 2. Respond with anger and condemnation. But God never handled us this way. It's the kindness of God that led us to turn our lives around (Romans 2:4). 3. Let our light shine. Living and speaking in a way that shines brightly is still contagious. Not everyone who sees and hears us will give their lives to the Jesus we know, but many may!

Jim Daly's response to all of this is flat-out awesome. ENJOY!

What a model of love and grace Jim Daly has modeled. If we had more and more Christ-followers who let their light shine, we'd see many more people surrender to Jesus. Let's go!

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