August 7, 2019


Karl Clauson

Impact doesn't just happen. And having an impactful life isn't the result of force – it's aligning our life with God, his truth, and keeping in step with the Holy Spirit.

My trip to Togo, West Africa, rocked me. Amid poverty, crime, witchcraft, and shattered lives, there was a powerful ministry making a radical difference in the lives of over 40 thousand children. And the ripple effect into the lives of each child's family equates to nearly a half million people, all of this in less than ten years.

I was curious to see what made this ministry so solidly impactful in a spiritually parched land. Entering into the strategy board room of Compassion International country offices, I saw the secret. They prayed, studied the word, and strategized a plan for maximum impact. The mapping of strategy on a large whiteboard revealed what the wise have learned – impact doesn't just happen.

It's the same for you and me. We have to look at the truth of God's word and develop practical, robust plans that move us from where we are to where God wants us to be. God longs for his kids to be change agents in the world – YOUR world!

Below is just the beginning of a life project. These laws of personal transformation are just the beginning, and much more will follow in the months to come. These will give you a quick start in considering what needs to be changed, adjusted, or radically altered in your life.

I'm working on the roll-out of the broader project. For the time being, consider the following "laws" of impact. Life-change doesn't just happen, but it certainly can happen. God-speed!

Law #1 – Capture God's vision for your life.

Law #2 – Stand strong in your true identity.

Law #3 – Kill everything that is killing you.

Law #4 – Seize control of what you do control.

Law #5 – Invest your energy in high-value goals.

Law #6 – Faithfully execute strategic habits.

Law #7 – Deal boldly with spiritual resistance.

Law #8 – Partner with people who want you to win.

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