October 21, 2019

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Karl Clauson

The correlation between what we think and how we live is undeniable. Reckless words from a parent, friend, or teacher can impact our thinking for a lifetime. Our upbringing, culture, clicks shape us, and this directs our thoughts and motivations. This thinking can bring insecurity, pride, shame, and self-sufficiency. What most dominates our thinking will directly impact the quality of our living!

Your thinking guides your decisions like a river cuts a path in the earth – only a radical intentional shift can redirect the course of your life. What rolls through our minds will be lived out in our lives! Just look at what Paul says about the impact of your thinking on the course of your life:

How does our mind get aligned with God, his Son's teaching, and the Spirit's leading? How do we begin to know the perfect will of God? Renew your mind with truth.

The study of God's word will set us free, but only if we reshape our thinking with the truth. God understood the radical intentional shift we need. His answer...Meditation! Meditation is not emptying our minds of everything; it is filling our minds with the only thing that can change us – truth. Meditation is far more than just memorizing truth. It involves speaking the truth to ourselves. The Hebrew word most associated with meditation is Hagah - best-translated murmur. Yes, God wants us to speak truth to ourselves, so our mind begins to think differently – our life cuts a new and holy path of joy and victory. What we hear murmured matters – what we murmur to ourselves matters more! Check out these two compelling examples of meditation and the promises directly linked to this new thinking.  

Change your thinking...change your life! You can start right now. Below you'll find some of the most common destructive thoughts that are shaping your life. Try this for yourself. Identify one or two of these destructive thoughts, read the text aloud, and begin to murmur these truths throughout the day. As the habit grows, you'll find yourself using many other truths of God's word to carve a new path of abundant living.

I pray God is freeing you right now and more with each passing day as you murmur truth and watch God radically shift your thinking – changing your life.

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