Shane Wyant

Shane has lived in the Chicagoland area with his wife Julie since 1998. He currently lives in Bristol, WI. He grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and moved around the state of Missouri as a young boy and teen ending up in Southeast Missouri. He met his wife Julie there and they married in 1994. They have four children Michael, Josh, Rachel and Jenna. Marriage and parenting having proven to be quite a journey of learning and a huge blessing. Shane was raised in a Christian home and went forward in VBS at a young age to accept Christ as Lord & Savior and was baptized. 

He grew up working in a family business, which ultimately led to the industry he works in today. He attended SLCC (Saint Louis Christian College) for 2 years. While at SLCC, Shane did a 10-week internship in the mission field in South America. This experience helped him to gain a better understanding of his world view, the impact of missions, and helped with the understanding of giving (physically, spiritually, emotionally, and monetarily). Shane then went to work for a manufacturing company in sales. He is now a partner in a successful business in Chicago selling and servicing tools to the trades.

Shane’s passions and giftings are meeting and connecting with people, networking, and giving. Shane and Julie enjoy hosting together in their home. Dinners, Bible studies, weddings and celebrations, game nights, and 180 Home gatherings are a few things you might see happening at their home.  

Shane loves people and sees his business as a mission field. He feels blessed that he has the opportunity to speak into the lives of his employees, customers, and many business acquaintances and friends that he interacts with daily. Shane never meets a stranger and loves meeting new people. His love for the Lord and his servant heart have led him to 180 Chicago, where he feels blessed and humbled to a part of the Body.

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