Outreach & Evangelism

Dan Jones

Dan has lived in Chicago, IL his entire life. He was raised in a faith-filled home and attended religious schools all throughout his education (Elementary school, High school and University) graduating from DePaul University in 1998 with a BA in Communications and a minor in Business Administration.  He was raised by a single mother (no father present) and has one older brother and a younger sister. While Dan has always believed in Jesus, he never truly had a relationship with the Lord until 2007.

It was through deep brokenness and a return to a relationship with the Lord that truly began his life change.  Dan learned first-hand through much pain that, “total surrender, obedience and absolute dependence is the greatest way for me to truly experience the delivering and transformative power of God’s love and grace.  It is the best way for me to experience all that God wants to do in my life.”

Dan’s passion is one-on-one Discipleship and his true joy is seeing others get victory through coming into and growing in their relationship with Christ.  His passion is truly for the very broken people of this world. “I love when God allows me to be a part of someone’s journey back to Him. I love to watch Him transform someone right in front of my very eyes.  It’s like having a front-row seat at God’s handiwork.”

Since his return to the Lord in 2007, Dan has completely given his life to the service of the broken, God’s people and the church of Jesus Christ.  He has served in many ministries over the years including Children’s ministry, High School & Adult Recovery ministry, Biblical Counseling and Homeless ministry.

Dan is currently an Elder at 180 with the primary responsibility of overseeing and developing Outreach ministries.

Dan loves sports and carpentry, loves being of service to others and loves to golf, sing, and travel. Most of all, he loves being a dad to his daughter Delaney.

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