Vanessa grew up in northeast India in a loving Christian family. Her parents love the Lord and serve Him in full time ministry through a parachurch mission organization they
founded in India. Vanessa was raised in the church and accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior at 16.

Vanessa’s journey with God and to the United States has been one of blessing, Divine appointments and God’s provision. Vanessa would have been content attending one of the colleges in India’s capital city (Delhi), but God had other plans for her life.

During her senior year in high school, Vanessa met an American business man who was visiting her home town on a mission trip and unbeknownst to her and her family, this man had been looking to offer someone overseas a full scholarship to study in America. This man chose to offer the scholarship to Vanessa and (being a fearless and adventurous young lady) she came to America and attended Judson University where she made friends from all over the world. At Judson, she received her BA in International Business and Marketing. After college, Vanessa continued on to graduate school with a full scholarship as a Graduate Assistant and received an MBA degree from Missouri State University. God had provided throughout whereby Vanessa never had to pay anything towards tuition for both her undergrad and graduate degrees.

While living and working in downtown Chicago, Vanessa thought hard about her life and how God brought her to America and how He continued to open door after door and make provision for her to live and stay here. While she had everything that she needed, she recognized that her life wasn’t very fulfilling and that there must be a greater purpose for God bringing her here. She felt restless as she realized that she was living for herself and she knew that wasn’t God’s plan and/or purpose for her life.

Through a series of events that took place, God opened a door for her to work for a ministry called “Hope for the Children”, which is the same organization that also supports her family’s orphanage in India. This fueled a desire in her heart to prepare for further ministry and study God’s Word in a deeper way, which in-turn led her to Moody Theological Seminary where she received her MA in Biblical Studies.


From the first day Vanessa attended 180 Chicago, she knew right away that this was going to be her home church and God moved again as she was asked to serve Him as part of the staff. Vanessa is allowing God to use her education, gifts and experience to serve Him and she is excited to grow in her journey with the church community at 180 Chicago. Vanessa enjoys meeting people and making them feel welcome. Her role at 180 includes connecting people
with the church community, organizing outreach, helping members use their spiritual gifts to serve the church body and linking them with the right people/resources to meet their physical and spiritual needs.