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Never Settle For Too Little

Never settle for too little! Your life can be contagious – Your faith can have a lasting impact – Your soul can radiate satisfaction. The only thing that holds you back is settling for too little.

Early on in my spiritual journey, I thought there was something odd in my church. Many of these precious folks didn't seem even to touch the edges of the abundant life Jesus promised. Over the years of walking with Jesus, I've found it's easy to get sucked away from the promises of God and settle for too little. Battling for true faith is a fight worth entering. Don't live diluted discipleship another day. Stop comparing yourself to spiritually cold (or even dead) people. Ask God today that your believing would result in radical new living.

This is one of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes. It expands what we find John writing in his gospel. Please read John 20:30-31. The goal of God is abundant living, not mere believing. Never settle for too little!

Hello, Karl here. I invite you to visit us at 180Chicago.church. We're a new diverse and dynamic church that is unwilling to settle for too little. Come get a taste of what God can do. Every guest will receive a copy of my book, THRILL: When Normal Is Not Enough. Click here for directions. See you soon...

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