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Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Jesus said it, "let your yes, be yes." Nothing proves true dependence on God like being a person of your word. Dropping the ball on commitments dishonors God and those impacted by your miss. This is tough to hear but it's true – one big proof of your love and dependence on God is keeping your word. The price of not keeping your word, or even procrastination, is high.

This passage in James is clear. "So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin." Here's a couple critical things: 1. God doesn't want us to just be a dreamer or a promiser. He wants us to be a doer and a person of our word. 2. God knows that one of the best ways to miss God today is always living for the future or making empty promises. Walking by faith today, doing what you say you will do, is the key to a prosperous tomorrow.

So let's break it down. There are things to do in life, and it feels like more things than we have time to do them in. But God never gives us more than we can do. Period. Here's some solid biblical moves that could have you being a person of your word.

1. So we have first to learn what "the right thing to do" really is. We do this by seeking God for direction in our life. God does not want us to mark our day by the second or analyze our every move, but God wants to speak into some critical areas. He wants us to do the right things. Professionally, relationally, and even spiritually, God doesn't want us wasting our time. Seek him for these things and journal as he speaks. Get wise counsel to bounce this off. This is what I've learned...If you're not eliminating as much as you're adding, you're probably not hearing God's voice. Knowing what God says to do will keep us aligned with keeping our word.

2. Then we have to "do it." The principle from James is simple. If God has clearly shown you something to do and you've said "yes", then don't overthink it, excuse it, neglect it, or simply forget about it – do it – be a person of your word. We need to trust that God does and will give us clarity about what to do. We need to offer up our lives to God and say, "take this day and give me the strength to be a person of my word." God will honor that request. We simply can't keep our word without utter dependence on God, taking Jesus at his word and being willed with the Holy Spirit.

Turn toward God and ask him for power today. Don't let your life be flooded with self-imposed "should's." And then be a person who keeps your word.

James 4:17

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