Worship Pastor

David Puruolte

David Puruolte was born and raised by loving Christian parents in a small community in India made up of just 17 houses. Everyone in the village was a subsistence farmer, so he grew up working in the field with his family.

David gave his life to Jesus at a young age when he realized that Jesus was the only cure for the sin he saw in his life, family, community. From that point on, God gave him a great passion for Himself and His people.

Worship has always been an integral part of David’s life. At just nine years old, he began singing worship songs in the churches of neighboring villages. When he was 13, David came to the United States for a 10-month tour with the Indian Children’s Choir. After returning to India, he lived in an orphanage in a big city, where he led worship for two years.

God graciously fulfilled David’s dream of receiving Christian education and training for ministry. He came to the United States to pursue a BA in Theology and Worship Arts and General Music at Dordt College in Sioux Center, IA. He then completed his MDiv at Moody Theological Seminary in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship.

During his time in the States, David has been blessed with a wide variety of ministry experiences, from youth pastor to worship coordinator to men’s chaplain. David’s passion is to be a part of God’s work in others’ lives and help people connect with God through worship. He also enjoys a large variety of sports, including soccer, racquetball, and volleyball. Currently, David serves as the worship pastor at 180, where he oversees the Sunday worship experience, provides pastoral care to the worship team, and enthusiastically leads people into the presence of God.

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