Ministry of the Word

Jim grew up in the west suburbs of Chicago. He came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ during his senior year of High School back in 1979 and has continued to faithfully walk with Him for 40 years. He graduated from Proviso West High School then attended Calvary Bible College in Kansas City where he graduated with a BA in pastoral ministry. Jim then attended Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake Indiana where he worked on two Masters’ degrees (M.Div and Th.M in Old Testament). 


Jim then served as an assistant Pastor at the church in the western suburbs where he came to know the Lord and then onto the St Louis area where he was a Senior Pastor for 9 years. While in St Louis he worked on a doctorate degree from Covenant Theological Seminary. He also did adjunct teaching for Brookes Bible Institute and Calvary Bible College. In 1999 Jim was extended an offer to join the faculty of Moody Bible Institute; so, he and his family moved back to the western suburbs where he has lived and worked since then.


Jim married his high school sweetheart Gayle, who was instrumental in him coming to faith.  They were married in 1983 and have two children: Rachel who is now married and living in the Daytona Beach Florida area working as an emergency Room nurse and Joel, who is an attorney in the Bridgeport area of Chicago. Jim and Gayle have three grandchildren (who they don’t get to see often enough!) living in Florida. 


Jim’s passion is teaching the Word of God and helping other become better readers of the Scriptures for themselves. He is an elder at 180 Chicago with primary focus on the ministries of the Word of God. He is also a frequent tour host to Israel and other lands of the Bible.

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Sundays at 10 AM

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